Is all the food sold organic?

No, but much of it is.  We have only one certified organic produce grower. Many other growers follow organic standards but are not certified.  You can read more about specific farmer’s practices at the Meet Your Producer page.

Is Kitsap Fresh a CSA?

Kitsap Fresh is not a CSA.  CSAs have each customer pay a lump sum for a period of time of food and the customer does not necessarily get to choose what food they receive. You do support local agriculture by purchasing through Kitsap Fresh and you choose and pay for only what you want.

Can I see the product list?

Yes you can, visit Products List.  The prices may change each week and they only appear Sunday and Monday when the market is open.

Who are Kitsap Fresh producers?

Please see our  Meet Your Producers page.

What are the prices like, why can’t I see them?

Every producer sets their prices and Kitsap Fresh adds a 15% fee on each item. You can only see the prices Saturday and Sunday when the market is open.  The prices may change from order period to order period.  See our Products List for a complete listing of last week’s offerings.

Does Kitsap Fresh take EBT

We are sorry we do not take EBT at this time. We do hope to someday offer this though.

What kind of Volunteer opportunities does Kitsap Fresh have?

Kitsap Fresh loves volunteers! We currently need volunteers to drive orders to our drop points on Wednesdays.

When does my membership expire?

Memberships are now completely free, so you will never be charged an annual fee to order through Kitsap Fresh. Just register as a consumer member and start shopping!

Why is there a 15% fee on orders?

All markets take a percentage of sales to pay for operations of the market. The 15% fee helps to pay for administrative costs, including the software for the market, credit card and merchant fees, domain and email expenses.

Does Kitsap Fresh make a profit?

Kitsap Fresh does not make a profit.  Our section 521 tax exempt status is pending IRS approval.  Kitsap Fresh is an agricultural cooperative, any profit is put right back into Kitsap Fresh to help us expand.

Kitsap Fresh has a Board of Directors

Yes we have a 8 member volunteer Board.  The Board makes all the strategic decisions and keeps Kitsap Fresh running.  Board members are not paid and have donated thousands of hours of work and talent to this meaningful effort.

How do returns or missing items get accounted for?

We do not charge the credit cards until Thursday, the day after distribution.  In this way customers can send us an email regarding any missing or substandard items.  We then adjust the invoice accordingly.

Does Kitsap Fresh have employees?

Kitsap Fresh does have one part time employee and several paid sorters/drivers.  The goal is to generate enough revenue so that Kitsap Fresh can have one full time employee.

Is my credit card info secure?

Yes.  We use the best merchant services available they test and correct their encryption daily.

Do you take cash or check?

Sorry, we do not take cash or check.  Our distribution locations are usually self-service so no one is there to take cash or checks.  Our members enjoy the convenience of credit cards.

When will Kitsap Fresh have a distribution location near me?

We currently have 5 locations across the county, due to COVID-19 protocols.  New locations are always possible but they require transportation help and a donated space.  We aim to deliver every Wednesday, 52 weeks a year.

How do I update my credit card info and see my order history?

When you register you have a profile to keep updated with credit card info many other details.  See your “Account Details” and the “Credit Card” tab

How do I change my pick up location?

As you confirm each order you can change that week’s distribution location.  When you register you select a default location.

Do you have further questions that we were not able to answer here? Send us an email anytime and we will happily help you find the answers you seek!