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Wanna Be A Kitsap Fresh Producer?

Selling on Kitsap Fresh is easy. Produce growers only need a business license and to follow our producer guidelines to start. Other benefits of selling through Kitsap Fresh include:
  • No hauling of unnecessary product to market. You know exactly how much you have sold and who it is going to each week.
  • No weekly vendor booth fees. Kitsap Fresh is very low cost to producers with a one time yearly payment for dues.
  • Free up more of your time. Kitsap Fresh is an online Farmers Market that does not require you standing at a booth selling for hours each market.
  • easy online interface allows you to hop on at your convenience to post available products for the coming week (even in your PJ’s!).
More about selling: Kitsap Fresh is here to promote local farmers, to stimulate the local economy and to provide wholesome local products to our members.  Applicants that source supplies locally from Kitsap County and adjacent counties will be approved first.
Producer Membership is $50/year and requires Board approval. Please keep in mind that approval may take up to four weeks.  Please read through our Producer Guidelines and Terms of Service to see if you will qualify to sell through this market.
Kitsap Fresh Limitations:
  • Kitsap Fresh has only one aggregation site which is at Run Dog Run in Kingston (26509 Bond Rd NE).
  • Producer drop off window is fairly short, only 45min, every Wednesday from 1:30pm to 2:15pm. Producers must be on time for dropping of their goods to allow Kitsap Fresh to distribute products to customers at all 8 drop points in a timely manner.
  • Cottage Industry Items are NOT permitted to be sold on Kitsap Fresh, sorry.
  • All goods received at the aggregation site must have a label or legible marking indicating producer name, product name and all ingredients of products. Please refer to our Producer Guidelines for more information.
If you are ready to sign up as a Kitsap Fresh Producer please answer the following questions, your response will be used by our Board to consider your application.

Producer Application Form:

Also as part of your application email a copy of your business license and any other required permits or documents to  

To Pay, your annual dues via PayPal with the “Buy Now” buttons below. You may also send a check for “Kitsap Fresh” to our address at PO Box 455 Poulsbo, WA 98370.

Annual Membership is $50

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