Board of Directors

Kitsap Fresh is a cooperative with a small Board of Directors. Everyone involved with this project is passionate about local food. Interested in joining them to change our small corner of the world? Email us at for more information!

Roni Smith – Board President: Co-owner of The Smithshyre, an Actually Organic Homestead.

Mariah Schmidt Board Secretary: Journeyman Welder PSNS and a local food advocate.

Josh DeWitt – Board Treasurer: Co-owner of Barn Swallow Meadows Farm

Shaari Unger – Member at Large: Owner of Figuring on Food

Tania Issa – Member at Large: Owner of the Sheepish Pig.

Laura Ryser- Advisory Board Member: Planning Supervisor, Sustainable Resources Division at Pierce County.

Kitsap Fresh Staff

Erin Smith – General Manager: Erin is in charge of logistics & operations at Kitsap Fresh. He is also co-owner of The Smithshyre Farm in Poulsbo, as well as an avid local food supporter.

Julia Zander – Marketing & Grants Manager: Julia handles all marketing and grants administration. She is a prior Board member of Kitsap Fresh, as well as a prior Manager of the Bremerton Farmers Market.

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