Board Election

NOMINATIONS – Kitsap Fresh Board of Directors

Terms are for 2 years, and new board members will be elected at the Annual Meeting on Thursday, February 18, 6pm at NK Fire & Rescue (on Miller Bay Rd in Kingston).  We have 2 re-applying board members, as well as 4 new slots open (and 4 new candidates running!)

Re-applying members (2):

Roni Smith (Smithshyre Farm) Roni
Volunteer Coordinator & Producer Member Relations

Local food is my passion.  We’ve done really great things with Kitsap Fresh so far and would like to continue to be a part of its growth and expansion. I bring experience working with the Co-op and its predecessor, Fresh Food Revolution of Lakebay.  Mainly, I bring enthusiasm and an ability to fill jobs that need to be done.  I’m an organizer, a collaborator and overall people person.  I like to look at the bigger picture and just get it started.


  • Growth – more food, more people, less food deserts.
  • Overall education of the importance of growing local and supporting local.  Kitsap Fresh can help bring the community together.
  • Rekindle the disconnect people are now experiencing from their food and their community.
  • Promote nutrition through education and nurturing, as well as serve as a source for this lifestyle change to better eating.

Harriet Brownstein (RNR Originals)

harriet & andreaI feel that Kitsap Fresh is a great organization, and I want to help it grow. I have a background in accounting [and have been managing all of the finances for Kitsap Fresh for the past several months]. I also help with the bookkeeping & invoicing for the Poulsbo Farmers Market, and serve as the Secretary / Treasurer for the Suquamish Farmers Market.

I would like to see Kitsap Fresh grow – especially for the farmers.
(Note: Harriet is to the left in this photo)

 New member applications (4):

Linda Scibilia (Rainbowzen Farm)

I am recently retired and interested in becoming Linda Scibiliainvolved in my local community. My interests in farming, organics and healthy living are, I believe, a good match with Kitsap Fresh. While I have never served on a board, I spent 20 years in management positions within Ford Motor Co, and feel that the skills I gained there would serve me well in this role. I also have a finance background, organizational skills, and two agriculture degrees.


  • Short term – growth: Kitsap Fresh is not sustainable at its present membership level – especially customers. We need to also focus on education to grow the customer membership.
  • Long term –education: Community education about farming, local food, nutrition, and agricultural sustainability.

Ashlee Redfern (Customer member)

I would like to be on the Kitsap Fresh Board of Ashlee RedfernDirectors to help build the health and strength of Kitsap County. I believe that by impacting our local food system and acting as agents for positive change, we will increase general knowledge about and access to local choices and options that exist in our community.  I would bring to the Board great attention to detail, precision, strong writing skills, the ability to consider multiple sides of an argument, a collaborative spirit, diplomacy and a passionate belief in connecting Kitsap farmers to an increasing number of members.


I envision for Kitsap Fresh a county-wide expansion of distribution locations in order to reach food deserts, reinforce organic small farming practices and increase participation on all levels, including educational interactive food system experiences to get kids, parents, retirees and professionals involved in the sustainable growth of our community.

Paul Taylor
(Customer member)

Paul Taylor
I like the concept of Kitsap Fresh and would like to be part of helping expand its offering and broaden its reach.  I have many years of experience as a leader and manager as an Officer in the Navy, a small business owner, and working with non-profit co-op organizations.  I enjoy serving the community especially working with other enthusiastic volunteers.

My wife and I owned a retail florist in Silverdale for 20 years. After retirement, I became the general manager. We belonged to the Allied Florists of Kitsap County (a co-op of local florists) for 15 years and I served as chairman for two years. I was also a founding member and chairman of the Old Town Silverdale Merchants Association, Old Town Silverdale Art Walk committee, and Silverdale Fine Arts (a co-op of local artists).  For the last three organizations, I drafted the bylaws, articles of incorporation and served on various committees.


I have many ideas for improving the producer and customer experience, but I [would like to] learn more about current goals and structure of the organization before providing specifics.

Dana Coggon
(Customer member)

I am passionate about agriculture and have a vested Dana Coggoninterest how we can work with the farmer and the consumer. I am excited that we have a locally driven food system to benefit our farmers and our local consumers and I would love to be a part of the process.  I have worked with WSU extension for 10 years as the Noxious Weed Control Coordinator. Through this position I have worked with multiple groups and organizations in various capacities doing multiple functions.  I have used a variety of operating systems and worked with, and for, multiple boards in regards to natural resources and agriculture.


My vision for Kitsap Fresh is to have a functioning system that allows the flow of food from our local farms to our local consumers.  We have wonderful products in our county that need to be able to get to the consumer in a cost effective and efficient way.

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