The USDA awards “Kitsap Fresh” a Local Food Promotional Program grant

Kitsap Fresh is proud to announce that we have been selected for a USDA Local Food Promotion Program (LFPP) grant.  Laura Ryser of WSU Extension and Board Members Beth Adams and Julia Zander should be commended for their efforts.

The LFPP grant means our small cooperative has a bright future.  This 2 year grant will support the expansion to 4 distributes centers all over Kitsap County.  By 2017, we hope to be in the wholesale market filling grocery shelves and restaurant pantries with the best local farms and producers have to offer.  Our goal is to increase the value and revenue for producer members by 30% while greatly increasing the public’s access to locally produced food.

The LFPP grant will enable us to help the community by opening 2 distribution centers in known food deserts and empower hundreds to grow food for our community by providing a new marketplace.  We will nourish more than just bodies, we will nourish our community and local economies as well, by ensuring 52 weekly distributions a year.  There has never been a better time to get involved with Kitsap Fresh.  Join now and help us build and nourish our community.

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