Get the most of your green


When you spend your hard earned green on, well, greens, you want to get the most from them. Follow these steps.

  1. Buy the best and freshest. Top notch produce from a local source like Kitsap Fresh will often last longer than grocery items that have travelled long and far to reach your table.
  2. Store them right. Greens dislike warmth and dry air, so it’s your job to keep them cold and store them dry. Always wash your leafy greens–fresh, clean water is all it takes– and dry them well. Store in a reuseable zip-lock type bag with a moist paper towel inside in your fridge’s crisper drawer.
  3. Use ’em up! Move those greens by eating them in all kinds of ways. Smoothies, soups, salads, grilled, sauteed. Yes, you can use all of these methods even for your everyday lettuce that’s gotten a bit tired for salad bowl prime-time. Plan ahead keeping these guidelines in mind:
  • Tiny greens like sprouts and baby mesclun mixes are the most perishable. Use within a couple of days.
  • Arugula and soft lettuces like bibb, butter, red and green leaf and greens like frisee last a little longer; use withing 3 maybe 4 days if stored well.
  • Crisp lettuces like iceberg and romaine, plus bitter greens (though they’re not always green) like radicchios, escaroles and endives, can easily last a week or more, properly stored.

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