Guest Writer: Sally Zalac

Taking its name from the Greek Goddess of Springtime, flowers and vegetation, Persephone Farm was not very Spring-like on the overcast Fall day I visited, though its fields were still lush with the season’s last flowers and vegetables. Farmer Rebecca Slattery began farming on leased Bainbridge Island land in 1991, purchasing her current Indianola property in 2001. Rebecca’s first priorities are to provide for her regular Bainbridge Farmers Market customers, local restaurants, and the farm’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, which has flourished due to the pandemic. Kitsap Fresh customers are blessed with any overflow.

Persephone Farm is known for wedding flowers and offers a full array of services. The floral designers create arrangements and bouquets of sustainable, local blooms grown alongside unique filler material. For my niece’s outdoor wedding during Summer Solstice of 2019, I filled my mini van with buckets of the farm’s gorgeous flowers that created a magical fairyland for the festivities. The Goddess would have been pleased!

Rebecca also believes in mentoring the next generation of farmers, hosting yearly groups of farm interns for immersive training. Aspiring farmers of all ages and from all walks of life connect with Persephone Farm through a USDA matching program. The working classroom at Persephone Farm teaches organic practices and the importance of creating a closed loop system for sustainable production. This season’s group of 5 interns were leaving as I arrived, and they were heading to a neighboring farm for additional training.  I thoroughly enjoy Persephone’s signature Wild and Fancy salad greens, with their foraged miner’s lettuce in the Spring. Rebecca’s leeks and zucchini, harvested from undulating beds hugging the sloped fields, arrived in my recent Kitsap Fresh order. Please remember to recommend Persephone to anyone you know planning a wedding and be on the lookout for the last of the farm’s Fall offerings on Kitsap Fresh.

Sally Zalac is a valued customer and volunteer for Kitsap Fresh. She has a passion for local farms, organic food and regenerative farming.

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