Guest Writer: Sally Zalac

Pheasant Fields has seen a slow decline in the population of pheasants roaming its acres since Farmer Nikki Johanson’s parents purchased the 1885 homestead and began ranching in 1949. A child of the Depression, Nikki’s father taught his daughters the importance of self-sustainability. Unlike her dad, however, Nikki never had to experience hunger and since taking ownership of the property in 1979, she has worked tirelessly to support sustainable growing practices, local food banks, and other farmers.

Pheasant Fields has also embraced agritourism, with everything from birthday parties and school tours, to corn mazes and a pumpkin patch during the Halloween season. In tandem with these activities, is Nikki’s primary mission of growing healthy food. Her strong belief in feeding the hungry has encouraged her involvement with a neighboring farm providing fresh produce for Fishline, the Poulsbo Food Bank.

Resilience and experience have enabled Nikki’s survival of nature’s whims, even while having to use a cane due to recent back trouble. Her flocks have had several losses this year, mostly due to predators, but even COVID-19 has not prevented the planting of this year’s corn maze. Nikki’s greater concern is that the number of farmers will continue to decline, as have the pheasants that gave this bountiful farm its name.

Sally Zalac is a valued customer and volunteer for Kitsap Fresh. She has a passion for local farms, organic food and regenerative farming.

One thought on “Farm Profile: Pheasant Fields

  1. We lucked out and bought Nikki’s Salad Kit. The salad tomatoes had to be tasted as soon as I got home. The beautiful lettuce is huge, flavorful, and gorgeous deep red. Sliced small red onions were sweet and delicious. Basil yum! Excellent bargain too!


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