Guest Writer: Sally Zalac

The small herd of recently weaned kids greeted me, bleating and begging for food as I walked Sagging Fence Goat Farm. Curiosity finally overcame their parents’ reticence, allowing a slow approach for the peanuts I offered in my outstretched hand. An assortment of multi-hued heirloom chickens ran to investigate as well. Kitsap Fresh customers don’t get to benefit from Farmer Bob Fisher’s eggs, however, as they are designated for the Port Orchard Farmers Market. Many of us have participated in the Saturday morning bidding war, hoping to secure one of the few dozen eggs available each week. Commodities are precious in this new world of COVID-19!

In addition to dairy goats providing healthy, easily digestible milk, Bob also offers us his delicious raw goat milk semi-hard Tomme cheese. It’s nutty, salty and smooth texture pairs well with sourdough bread or a good apple. Goat milk’s short and medium-chain fatty acids and unique protein molecules make it far easier to digest than cow milk, especially for the lactose intolerant. These health benefits are retained in the cheese making process.

The charming Sagging Fence Nubian goats are both sweet tempered and entertaining! More people worldwide rely on goat milk and cheese than dairy products from any other species. Dairy goats produce 20 percent less methane than dairy cows, and they require less land, feed, and water per gallon of milk produced. If you haven’t tried Sagging Fence’s Tomme cheese, we suggest you give it a go – you won’t be disappointed!

Sally Zalac is a valued customer and volunteer for Kitsap Fresh. She has a passion for local farms, organic food and regenerative farming.

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