Guest Writer: Sally Zalac

Nestled in the crook of a residential cul-de-sac, Harsh Farm is an example of the positive triumphing over imperfect situations. Sloping into woods, the lot encompasses wetlands, shade, and neighbors close by. It is the home of Levi Harshman, who is part farmer, part inventor, part mechanic, and all humanitarian. He is always on the lookout for novel ways to increase production while extending a helping hand to others – and having fun in the process.

Known at Kitsap Fresh for it’s micro-greens, tiny nutrition powerhouses with strong flavor profiles, Harsh Farm is a happening place. Lined with raised beds, almost every corner of this residential lot encourages flowers, multiple hot peppers, and winter squash to reach for the sunlight. A mad scientist’s lab of drip and electrical systems, the climate-controlled grow room incubates micro-greens in a garage corner. Among other inventions, Levi has created a refrigerated trailer, a massive compost system transforming old to new soil, and the beginnings of a greenhouse in the backyard.

Multiple setbacks, including family and legal issues, reinforced Levi’s desire to give back to his community. Taking stock of life while recovering from a motorcycle accident, he envisioned the picture of his farm as a place for others to find a second chance, and he could continue teaching healthy nutrition. Unencumbered by large debt, the farm replaces Levi’s DJ salary, curtailed by the pandemic. He has proven that farming is possible under almost any circumstance,and I eagerly await further experiments from Harsh Farm.

Sally Zalac is a valued customer and volunteer for Kitsap Fresh. She has a passion for local farms, organic food and regenerative farming.

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